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My love for the mystical and magical started at a very young age. I am a certified Crystal Healer and Galactic Being of Love and Light. I love connecting with Divine Source, crystals, traveling and raising my vibration of love. I was put here on the earth for a divine mission to help humanity to share, spread love and light. I am forever a student, love my family and friends.


In my heart  LOVE is the answer and that WE ARE ONE. I am assisted by angelic beings of light to heal people with love, guidance, and spiritual blessings with my crystals. When I work on you, I am channeling the energy of the crystals and divine beings. My Spirit Team and I are here to help guide, heal and to make you feel at peace. We all have a “story” but it’s how we help ourselves with the wisdom and healing that we can turn our story into a continued journey of healing and happy endings.


My goal is to help heal and create open and loving space for my clients. I  feel that once you learn how to heal, then you can grow from within and create joy in all areas of your life.May your day be filled with love!


With Love and Blessings!


Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing? This is a form of energy healing to assist with clearing your "Chakras"  and other ailments that maybe holding you back or that are no longer serving you from pursuing your happiness and freedom.

 Crystal Blessings!


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Email: healingwithsima@gmail.com

San Francisco, CA


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