The Crystal Journey

Ahhh.. yes ladies and gentleman we are going to talk about my Crystal Journey. Well, let me tell ya! Crystal healing is a form of energy healing and to clear your chakra ,auric fields and to help what is no longer serving you on your journey. Its a beautiful way to serve humanity. I have been a crystal healer for quite sometime and always had a love for crystals since I was nine years old. First, it started out as a hobby for me over the years and then I took it seriously because I found out that I have something to offer humanity and became a certified crystal healer through Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. I was excited that I finally decided to take the steps and made a transition to help humanity in a beautiful way. Crystal healing has been around for centuries being used all over the world for tinctures, added to herbal remedies to help the sick, sailors would even carry aquamarine to ward off bad luck during their sailing trips and a gentleman Marcel Vogel who worked at IBM in silicon valley was the one who input quartz crystal into computers and other devices that we take for granted everyday. Crystal Healing allows for the client to relax and free their mind and body so to speak.

Sometimes I get into conversations with people who do not understand the metaphysical world and they say " Oh that is such a woo-woo thing" the difference is, I believe in the power of the crystal because of what it does for my life. I respect and treasure these angelic stone beings. Crystal Healing has taught me that everything is Energy. The way we live our lives everyday and process it requires energy, it is how we process that energy in our everyday lives that can shape our world. Crystals help keep the good vibes coming, given that they are properly cleansed in the process. Crystals have that ability to resonate with our energy and we can resonate with theirs. I know there is a massive trend right now regarding crystals, but this does tell me there is a world wide consciousness and were all waking up and have been. I truly love my work,it has been a journey for me to get here and I am so happy that I am a Crystal Healer. If you would like a consultation let me know. I would be happy to help!

Crystal Blessings!


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