If you are looking for a breakthrough in some shape or form, I think you found the crystal! Crocoite rules physical vitality, wisdom of the heart, Communion with the Divine, passion, love and enlightenment! Wowser! It rules the root, heart and crown chakras. This crystal can be found in the Ural mountains of Russia and Tasmania, Australia. It comes in colors red, red orange and sometimes yellow. Crocoite, is an awesome crystal for making breakthroughs mentally, physically and spiritually with a little heart and soul in mind. This crystal has the capability to change you for the better! Also wonderful stone for artists of all sorts too since it helps with creativity. Crocoite also stimulates the Kundalini energy and channels it to all the right places. This crystal is excellent for fertility and creativity along with carnelian, orange calcite and zincite. For spiritual growth pair this lovely with Azetulite, Herderite, Natrolite or Phenacite. For a little more Heart action it pairs lovely with Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Morganite, Pink Calcite or Dioptase. This crystal is great for extra oomph shall I say in the bedroom hehe.. also great for creativity, breaking down the barriers with universal love, connecting with the Divine energy through ones being. As it moves through each chakra each one breaks down the negative energy/patterns that not serving ones purpose. After meditating with this crystal, it will be easier to feel more and to be at peace with ones self in love, spirit, heart and physical vitality. According to Robert Simmons " Crocoite helps activate the grounding cord, which is critical to maintaining a strong energized aura, general health and well being." This is super important because our energy is how we feel and function and Crocoite is awesome because it helps us to maintain it. When it move to the heart chakra it helps to dispel negative patterns and open the heart to wisdom which it encourages the heart to radiate beautiful love frequency.

When Crocoite moves to the crown chakra it helps facilitate grounding of spiritual energy and once that is mastered this creates a beacon of Light for others - illuminating the truth that were all beautiful beings filled with Light and were here on earth to express that. According to Naisha Ahsian " Acctivation of the crown stimulates higher awareness and psychic ability. Pure experience of communion with the Divine and channeling the Divine energy through ones being" Beautiful! This is one crystal to peep out when you are ready for it and it ready for you. I love this affirmation: " I am filled with physical vitality, creativity, love and spiritual enlightenment" or what suits you best. If you would like a consultation let me know. I am always happy to help!

Crystal Blessings!


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