Life Force Baby! -Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite is a wonderful stone for getting your energy back on track! This stone is known for Life Force, Strong emotional body and valuing of oneself. Root and Heart chakra activation. The combination is a powerful force you have Ruby, which alone a wonderful gemstone by stimulating life force and energies (Chi). Activates the Kundalini and manifest for ones desires. Fuchsite, is also amazing and known as a healers stone. This stone is like a sparkly green color in the sun. This stone encourages one to take charge of ones own health and be able to release their burden for caring for someone that is not taking control of their own health and rescuing that person. It helps set boundaries for anyone in healing arts so having this stone handy too helps! Now, when the two stones are thrown together then its called Ruby Fuchsite! Powerful stuff can happen such as stimulating the root and heart chakras but also meditating with it can bring your life force (Chi) to another level. It can be a aid to overcoming illnesses related to dysfunctional emotional patterns. It encourages one to step into the future willing to trust, to have that confidence that everything will be alright. According to Robert Simmons from Book of Stones, "Ruby Fuchsite dispels sluggish energies from the heart , encouraging the body to clear arterial blockages. This stone also clears the bowels and stimulates proper regulation of the elimination process." This is a much needed process because how we eliminate also speaks what the body energetically speaking still holds onto, wondering why you are constipated might not just be the diet but could also be the body and spirit still "Holding On" to something not serving it. Ruby Fuchsite brings prana (another name for life force) into the bloodstream and providing vibrational support for the cells, organs and body systems. It encourages oneself of self love and self deep within which can never be lost. Ruby Fuchsite also clears the emotional body of psychic debris that might be left over from past relationships that ended badly.Next time encouraging the person to choose a partner that are more aligned with them.

Affirmation: I love, value and forgive myself for what happened in the past. I go forward with confidence ,courage and trust.

If you would like a consultation please let me know. I am here to help!

Crystal Blessings!


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