The Amplifier!-Clear Quartz

Oh that is right, were talking about Clear Quartz baby! I love this crystal and the reason why, it's great for programming and setting ones intention. When I held this crystal for the first time I felt a huge tingle up and down my spine! a nice one. I realized this crystal was going to set me on my path and making my intentions "Crystal Clear" hehe.. sorry had to! Clear Quartz is one of those crystals that when you hold it,can be literally electrifying! This crystal is used in most electronics such as computers, television,radios, watches and other wonderful things. We can say that this crystal is super intuitive and thanks to an awesome guy named Marcel Vogel. He helped by discovering this plethora of information regarding crystals, electronics and many other studies too. Crystals have been around forever but Marcel Vogel found another way how crystals can contribute to everyday life and healing. Clear Quartz exhibits property of piezoelectricity, meaning it can transform mechanical energy ex:pressure into electromagnetic energy and vice versa.This is most versatile crystal and multidimensional crystal in the mineral realm. Robert Simmons states"Clear Quartz can be used to amplify the energies of other stones or to blend and enhance the other energies of stones" this is quite amazing! this crystal can be found mostly at any crystal shop too which is great. We healers use this crystal for many purposes such as opening up the chakras, consciousness expansion, communication with guides, past life recall, dream work and attracting and sending love, enhancement of meditation and anything positive you wish to enhance in your life. This crystal is the vessel for the Light of the Divine. Clear Quartz encourages clarity on all levels. Naisha Ahsian states "They are natural holographic storage devices so they can be easily programmed or how you are feeling once the intention is set." This crystal is emotionally neutral but it will amplify any emotion emotion in which it moves into resonance. The best quality of this crystal can be found in Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas.They can be found in different shapes and sizes. They can come as wands, generator points, double terminated and so much more. I can tell you that this crystal is really pure and beautiful. So remember, when you set your intention with this crystal it will amplify what you are resonating with,make it a beautiful one! Please let me know if you would like a consultation. I am happy to help!

Crystal Blessings!


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