The Art of Sacred Listening on Summer Solstice: Restorative Yoga and Crystal Grid Meditation Worksho

Good Morning!

I would like to say thank you, to you all who came to the workshop June 22 at Anasa Yoga in Oakland CA! It completely sold out and we had such a magical time. Rachel and I were so happy that everything came out so beautifully. Thank you for being there with us present in the moment and really taking everything in. This was an idea that we came up with and felt that it was important just besides doing yoga itself, its important to LISTEN to your body. What does it need and feel? In society today we are in a constant stream of rush rush..that we don't take the time to listen to what we need from ourselves.In some yoga workshops that I attended, even beginners classes they don't feel like beginners class at all. So, we took the time to really think things through and come up with something beautiful and true to us. Rest is so important, like I stated earlier we are always"rushing" "on the go!" this can affect our health in so many different ways and only if we LISTENED to our bodies and our spirit team we would have understood the clue our bodies were telling us. Teaching this workshop with Rachel has taught me so much even for myself that its OK to slow down a little, to take time to smell the roses, to feel with your body and more. The crystal grid I created with flowers which included, Citrine for the focal point, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Moonstone, Sunstone, Labradorite, Cobalto Calcite, Clear quartz, Amazonite, and Honey Calcite. This was to help open up the energies of Summer Solstice and get the juices flowing at the same time releasing so the new energies can come through. The flowers were Rosemary, Pink Roses, White Roses, Dandelions, Chamomile, Lavender, California Buckwheat, small Yellow Butterfly Bush, Bougainvillea were outside the grid supporting the energy of the room. These flowers bring great healing, joy, protection, new beginnings and passion. I am so grateful and thankful for this experience learning and co-teaching this to you all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and so it is!

With Love and Blessings!


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