Thud Rumble LTD!

I am so excited and humbled that I will be collaborating with an awesome DJ company- Thud Rumble LTD, located in Millbrae, CA .This company was founded in 1996 by Ritche "Yogafrog" Desuasido & Richard "DJ Qbert" Quitevis. DJ Qbert and Yogafrog are onto some amazing things in the DJ world. Have a look at this video from Turntable TV's-Weapons of Wax; its so funny! I explain what Clear Quartz is in the last part of the video. Stay Tuned!

With Love and Blessings!


#djqbert #yogafrog #healingwithsima #clearquartz #certifiedcrystalhealer #djs #music #serato #weaponsofwax #thudrumble #turntabletv #records #djlifestyle

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