Thank you so much for your lovely words and healing light! The crystal grid is amazing and powerful! -Chuck

Thank you for your workshop it was great! -Robert

I really appreciated the integration of poses, writing and guided meditation. Also, the space to move into seeing and recognizing ourselves in a new and bright light. The grid is also so Legit!-Sarai

Thank you so much for the class!-Matt

Thank you for an amazing full moon workshop it was amazing!- Britney

Thank you for the crystal healing workshop! Loved it! -Namastaysober

Thank you for your crystal grid workshop we learned a lot and had lots of fun! -Gemhousecuriosities

Thank you for the Full Moon Crystal Healing Ceremony, you are gifted! -Twisted Thistle

It was such a beautiful Summer Solstice workshop.Amazing!-Anasa Yoga

Thank you Sima, Your class was amazing! -Lili (Heart Tribe)

Thank you for today's session! My chakras are spinning!-MissCrysalis

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